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Lession - #688 Pandas Series


Pandas Series is a one-layered marked exhibit equipped for holding information of any sort (number, string, float, python objects, and so on.>
. The pivot marks are aggregately called files. Pandas Series is only a segment in a succeed sheet. Marks need not be exceptional however should be a hashable kind. The item upholds both whole number and mark based ordering and gives a large group of strategies to performing tasks including the record.

Creating a Series
In reality, a Pandas Series will be made by stacking the datasets from existing stockpiling, stockpiling can be SQL Database, CSV record, an Excel document. Pandas Series can be made from the rundowns, word reference, and from a scalar worth and so forth.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
# Creating empty series
ser = pd.Series(>
# simple array data = np.array(['t', 'e', 'c', 'h', 'e' , 'd']>
ser = pd.Series(data>


Series([], dtype: float64>
0 t 1 e 2 c 3 h 4 e 5 d dtype: object

What does request POST do in Python?
Definition and Usage. The post(>
technique sends a POST solicitation to the predetermined url. The post(>
strategy is utilized when you need to send an information to the server.

PyPDF2 - PyPI here

Python bundles
A Python bundle typically comprises of a few modules. Genuinely, a bundle is an envelope containing modules and perhaps different organizers that themselves might contain more envelopes and modules. Reasonably, it's a namespace.

What is Seaborn in Python utilized for?
Seaborn is a library for making measurable designs in Python. It expands on top of matplotlib and incorporates intimately with pandas information structures. Seaborn helps you investigate and grasp your information.

What is chain Itertools in python?
It is a function that takes a series of iterables and returns one iterable. It groups all the iterables together and produces a single iterable as output.