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Lession - #711 Pandas wrong format

Pandas meaning/whats Pandas?

Cells with data of wrong arrangement can make it troublesome, or even unthinkable, to dissect information. To fix it, you have two choices: eliminate the lines, or convert all cells in the segments into a similar configuration.

Convert to date:

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('data.csv'>
df['Date'] = pd.to_datetime(df['Date']>

Shutil Python
Shutil module offers significant level procedure on a document like a duplicate, make, and far off procedure on the record. It goes under Python's standard utility modules. This module helps in computerizing the most common way of duplicating and expulsion of records and catalogs.

What does Python requests library do?
The requests library is the accepted norm for making HTTP demands in Python. It abstracts thecomplexities of making requests behind a wonderful, straightforward API so you can zero in on communicating with administrations and consuming information in your application.

Convert Lists of tuples to DataFrame in Pandas
Very much like list of records we can pass rundown of tuples in dataframe constructor to make a dataframe. Assume we have a rundown of tuples for example Pass this rundown of tuples to DataFrame's constructor to make a DataFrame object for example Both Column and Index marks are default.

Does Python have a package supervisor?
pip is the accepted package supervisor in the Python world. It can introduce packages from many sources, yet PyPI is the essential package source where it's utilized.

How do I convert a data frame to excel?
The main strategy is to export a pandas dataframe to a succeed record by calling the to_excel(>
work with the document name. The other strategy talked about in this article is the ExcelWriter(>
technique. This strategy composes objects into the succeed sheet and afterward trades them into the succeed record utilizing the to_excel work.

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