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Lession - #104 PowerShell-Cmdlets

A cmdlet or "Command let" is a lightweight Command utilized in the Windows PowerShell environment. The Windows PowerShell runtime summons these cmdlets at command brief. You can make and summon them programmatically through Windows PowerShell APIs.

Cmdlet vs Command
Cmdlets are way unique in relation to commands in other command shell environments in the accompanying manners −
  • Cmdlets are .NET Framework class objects; and not simply independent executables.
  • Cmdlets can be effectively developed from as not many as twelve lines of code.
  • Parsing, blunder show, and result designing are not taken care of by cmdlets. It is finished by the Windows PowerShell runtime.
  • Cmdlets process works on objects not on text stream and articles can be passed as result for pipelining.
  • Cmdlets are record-based as they process a single object at a time.
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