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Lession - #1171 Redis Data Types

The list of data types supported by Redis

Binary safe strings.

Lists: Collections of string components arranged by the request for addition. They are essentially connected records.

Sets: Cllections of interesting, unsorted string components.

Sorted sets:like Sets yet where each string component is related to a floating number worth, called score. The components are generally taken arranged by their score, so dissimilar to Sets it is feasible to recover a scope of components (for instance you might inquire: give me the main 10, or the last 10>

Hashes: which are maps made out of fields related with values. Both the field and the worth are strings. This is basically the same as Ruby or Python hashes.

Bit exhibits (or just bitmaps>
it is conceivable, utilizing unique orders, to deal with String values like a variety of pieces: you can set and clear individual pieces, count every one of the pieces set to 1, see as the main set or disconnected piece, etc.

HyperLogLogs: this is a probabilistic information structure which is utilized to gauge the cardinality of a set. Try not to be frightened, it is less difficult than it appears... See later in the HyperLogLog segment of this instructional exercise.

Streams: attach just assortments of guide like sections that give a theoretical log information type. They are shrouded top to bottom in the Introduction to Redis Streams.