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Lession - #1169 Redis Installation on window

Redis isn't officially supported on Windows. However, you can install Redis on Windows for development by the accompanying the directions below.

To install Redis on Windows, you'll initially have to empower WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux>
. WSL2 allows you to run Linux parallels locally on Windows. For this strategy to work, you'll should be running Windows 10 rendition 2004 and higher or Windows 11.

Install or empower WSL2

Microsoft gives point by point directions to introducing WSL. Adhere to these guidelines, and observe the default Linux conveyance it introduces. This guide expects Ubuntu.

Install Redis

When you're running Ubuntu on Windows, you can introduce Redis utilizing well-suited get:

sudo well-suited add-storehouse ppa:redislabs/redis

sudo well-suited get update
sudo adept get redesign
sudo adept get introduce redis-server

Then start the Redis server like so:

sudo service redis-server start

Connect with Redis

You can test that your Redis server is running by interfacing with the Redis CLI:

redis-cli> ping