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Lession - #1251 Salesforce Custom Objects

The association's information will generally not fit into the current standard objects. So we can broaden and customize numerous deals force objects to address this issue. For instance, a messenger organization can make a custom item to store the timetable and dispatch subtleties for consistently. So these items store the information that is special to the business. The custom items can likewise have custom fields alongside the standard fields accessible in Salesforce.

Custom Object features

  • Assemble page designs to control which fields clients can see and alter while entering information for the custom item record.
  • Import custom object records.
  • Make reports and dashboards to analyze custom article information.
  • Make a custom tab for the custom item, to show the article's information.
  • Track tasks and occasions for custom article records.

    How to Create a Custom Object?

    To make a custom object, we go to the line way as displayed in the accompanying screen capture −

    Presently we fill in the subtleties of the custom object we need to make. There are compulsory fields which ought to be filled before the object can be saved. For our situation, we give the object a name called Delivery timetable and save it.

    Create a Custom Field

    To Add greater granularity to the business information, we can include custom fields the custom item we made. For this situation, let us add a field called conveyance date to the custom object named Delivery plan. To do this, we follow the way Setup Home → Objects and Fields → Object Manager → Deliver Schedule. Afterward, look down to the Fields and Relationship tab and snap New. The page to add custom field seems wherein, we fill the subtleties as displayed underneath.

    Then, we can confirm the fruitful expansion of the above custom field by following a similar connection way as above. The custom field shows up as displayed in the accompanying screen capture −

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