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Lession - #1525 SaltStack Access Control System

An Access Control System provides options for a user for a group to execute a task with permissions. A Salt access control system is used to configure access tonon-administrative control interfaces. You can apply this process to all the systems. This control helps thenon-administrative users to execute the Salt commands.

Salt interfaces are of the following three types −
  • Publisher ACL system
  • External Auth system

    Peer system

    Let us understand go through each of these interfaces in detail.

    Publisher ACL System

    A Publisher ACL system allows access to the users other than root to execute Salt commands on minions from the master. The publisher ACL system is configured in the master configuration file via thepublisher_acl configuration option. It's defined as follows − publisher_acl
    -. * 
    - web * 
    - test. * 
    - pkg. * 

    user1 is allowed to execute anything.
    user2 is allowed to use test and pkg, but only on “ web * ” minions.