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What is SCALA

Scala is a programming language utilized for practical programming and solid static frameworks. It is object-arranged and it runs on JVM. It has the ability to interoperate with existing Java code and libraries. It is firmly viewed as a static sort language and doesn't have an idea of crude information.


object HelloWorld expands App {
   println("Hello, World!">

Why Scala

The greatest strength of Scala is its adaptability in characterizing deliberations. One of the significant parts of the Scala language is Scala IDE (Scala Integrated Development Environment>
and it is utilized to interface with the Eclipse Java apparatus. This way the Eclipse highlights can investigate with the Scala IDE. Scala is planned so that it can between work well with JRE (Java Runtime Environment>
and the .NET Framework.

What are the needs of Scala

  • Scala is proficient to work with the information which is put away in a Distributed design. It gets to every one of the accessible assets and supports equal information handling.

  • Scala backings Immutable information and it has backing to the higher request capacities. Scala is an updated adaptation of Java which was intended to dispense with superfluous code. It upholds

  • multiple Libraries and APIs which will permit the software engineer to accomplish Less Down Time.

  • Scala backings various sort Constructs which empowers the developer to work with coverings/compartment types effortlessly.

  • Since we have perceived the prerequisites for which we really wanted Scala. Allow us to move into the examination between different dialects and figure out why it gets an edge over the other comparative programming dialects.