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Lession - #702 SE Requirement

Requirements engineering (RE>
refers to the process of characterizing, archiving, and keeping up with prerequisites in the designing plan process. Requirement engineering gives the proper instrument to comprehend what the client wants, breaking down the need, and evaluating practicality, arranging a sensible arrangement, determining the arrangement obviously, approving the determinations and dealing with the prerequisites as they are changed into a functioning framework. Accordingly, prerequisite designing is the focused use of demonstrated standards, techniques, devices, and documentation to portray a proposed framework's planned way of behaving and its related limitations.

The following is a list of the fundamental six (6>
steps of requirements development.

Stage 1: Gather and Develop Requirements.

Stage 2: Write and Document Requirements.

Stage 3: Check Completeness.

Stage 4: Analyze, Refine, and Decompose Requirements.

Stage 5: Verify and Validate Requirements.

Stage 6: Manage Requirements.