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Lession - #801 Sqoop List Databases

This part depicts how to list down the databases utilizing Sqoop. Sqoop list-data sets instrument parses and executes the 'SHOW DATABASES' query against the database server. From that point, it rattles off the current databases on the server.


Below is the syntax for sqoop list database command.
$ sqoop list-databases (generic-args>
$ sqoop-list-databases (generic-args>

Sample Query

The accompanying command is utilized to list every one of the information bases in the MySQL database server.
$ sqoop list-databases \
--connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/ \
--username root
In the event that the command executes effectively, it will show the list of information bases in your MySQL data set server as follows.
13/05/31 16:45:58 INFO manager.MySQLManager: Preparing to use a MySQL streaming resultset.