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Lession - #1297 Virtualization 2.0-Virtual Box

Installing VirtualBox

Step 1 - To download VirtualBox, click on the accompanying connection Downloads Now, contingent upon your OS, select which version to install. For our situation, it will be the first (Windows host>

Step 2 - Once the option is choose, Click on "Next".

Step 3 - You have the choice requesting that where install the application. We can leave it as default and click on "Next".

Step 4 - choose create a shortcut on the desktop.

Step 5 - An dialog box will come up finding out if to continue with the installation. Click "Yes".

Step 6 - Next,Click on "Install".

Step 7 - select start VirtualBox check box & click on "Finish".

Step 8 - When you will open virtualbox it will look like as shown below:

Creating a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox

Step 1 - to begin with, click on the "Oracle VM VirtualBox" symbol on the desktop as displayed in the screen capture underneath.

Step 2 - The next click on "New" button, which is in the upper left hand side of the screen.

Step 3 - A table will pop-up mentioning you the parameters for the virtual machine. These will be −
  • Name − We need to put an friendly name for this Virtual Machine.
  • Type − Enter the OS that will be install on it.
  • Version − Enter the particular varsion for that OS, which we have chosen before.

    When all the above parameters are filled, click on "Next".

    Step 4 - Select how much memory that you really want to allot in this VM → Click on "Next".

    Step 5 - Really look at one of the three choices for the HDD and click on "Create".

    Step 6 - Select a file expansion for your virtual HDD (It is prescribed to utilize a typical record augmentation that the majority of the hypervisors utilize like VHD>
    → click on "Next".

    Step 7 - Pick whether you need the Virtual HDD as dynamic or fixed. This depends on your requirements → Click on "Next".

    Step 8 - Put a name for your virtual HDD file and select the disk size for your VM → Click on Create".

    Deleting a Vitual Machine on VirtualBox

    Step 1 - First and foremost, we need to right click on the VM that we need to delete and afterward click on "Remove".

    Step 2 - To delete a virtual machine totally, select "delete all records".

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