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Lession - #1029 Editing & Opening Documents

You can alter a current document through BI Launchpad → Web Interface or by opening a document in Web intelligence Rich Client. You can also open recent documents utilizing Webi Rich client straightforwardly. Launch Webi rich client and you will get a list of recent open documents on the left side of the screen.

You can likewise choose a current report to alter in Webi. Expansion of a Webi File is **".wid."**. To open a current report, select a blank record. Go to File → Open.

Select the path of an existing ‘wid’ file and click ‘Open’.

  ## Opening a Documnet To open a document, go to Webi rich client → Click 'Open' tab.

Explore through the folder you need to open, select the file and click 'Open'. This will open the file in Design mode. You can choose design and read mode according to your access rights.

web intelligence tool:Google Data Studio,Qlik,Tableau,Freshworks CRM. [journal of emerging technologies in web intelligence](https://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=21100199344&tip=sid&clean=0>
[web intelligence processing server](https://www.stechies.com/excessive-period-time-wips-stuck-initializing-status/>
  **what is sap business objects web intelligence?**SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence (WebI>
is a web-based reporting and analysis tool. It provides an interactive way for you to analyze workforce-related data as part of the Washington Workforce Analytics (WWA>
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW>
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