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Lession - #1138 SAP Webi-Filtering Report Data

You can filter the information in a report to limit the information showed in a Webi record. You can choose filter condition to introduce the information that is of your advantage.

Information filtered utilizing Report filters in the document and any time you can eliminate the filters to really look at stowed away information.

You need to mention the accompanying components to make report filters −
  • Filtered object
  • Operator
  • Filter value
  • Report element where filter has to be applied

    Example − You can apply a filter to see information connected with a particular client or sales region.

    Query Filters vs Report Filters

    Query filters are defined at query level in query panel and they are utilized to restrict the information recovered from the information source and return to a Webi report.

    Report filters are utilized to hide the information in a table, report, chart, section in a Webi record. Report filters don't alter the information that is retrieved from the information source.

    Report Filter Operators

    You can utilize different operators to filter the information at the report level. Following are a portion of the common report channel operators −

  • Equal To
  • Not Equal To
  • Different From Operator
  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than or Equal To
  • Less Than
  • Less Than or Equal To
  • Between
  • Not Between
  • In List
  • Not In List
  • Is Null
  • Is Not Null

    Types of Report Filters

    You can create the following types of report filters −

    Standard Report Filters − These filters are utilized to filter on a solitary value or lists of values. These are most flexible type of report filters.

    Simple Report Filters− They give a simple method for making filters utilizing Equal to operator. These filters apply on single value.

    Create, Edit, Delete Standard Report Filters

    Select the Report Element you want to apply a filter. Go to Filter → Add Filter.

    It will open the Report Filter dialog box. You can add articles, operand and value to apply filter at the report level.

    Using the functions − Add Filter, Remove or Remove All − you can add or delete filters accordingly.

    To Edit a Filter → Go to Analysis Tab → Filter → Edit Filter.

    You can make changes to filters in Report Filter Dialog box. Click Ok to apply.

    To Delete a Filter, Go to Analysis → Filter → Remove Filter. Click "Yes" to eliminate the filter.