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Lession - #1044 SAP Webi-Managing Reports

Webi records contain no less than at least one reports. You can deal with different reports in a solitary Webi record. You can likewise add, delete, rename, and move existing reports in one Webi archive.

To add, delete, or move a report in a Webi record, right-click on the Report tab.

Add, Delete, Rename, Save a Report

To add a report, right-click on the current report tab and click 'Add Report'.

To delate a report, right-click on the report tab and click 'delete'. Each Webi archive ought to have no less than one report.

You can utilize "Rename Report" choice to rename a current report.

To save a record in Webi, you have choices to save a report locally, save in BI repository, or export as CSV design. To do this, go to File tab and browse the choices Save/Save As/Save as Enterprise.

In the event that you open a Webi report, you can click 'Save' to keep the changes. 'Save as' choice is utilized to save a record in various formats, for example, −

  • WID
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Excel 2007
  • CSV Achieve
  • TXT File

    At the point when you utilize the 'Save as' choice, on the right side of the screen you get numerous choices - Refresh on open, Permanent Regional arranging, Save for all clients, Remove report Security.

    You can enter the report name, change a current report name and furthermore add a description.