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Lession - #1001 SAP Webi-Overview

Web Intelligence is essential for SAP BusinessObjects product suite and is utilized for logical and ad hoc reporting to meet an association's business requirements. Web Intelligence is a Business Intelligence revealing device for business clients to analyze information in Data Warehouse. It helps business chiefs in the dynamic cycle for building future procedures.

Utilizing Web Intelligence, business clients can make fundamental, medium, and complex reports from value-based information in data set and by making Universes utilizing Information Design Tool/UDT. Different SAP and non-SAP information sources can be utilized to make reports in Web Intelligence. SAP Business Warehouse (BW>
framework doesn't need a Universe to interface with Web Intelligence tool.

Web Intelligence device can fill in as a client tool of BusinessObjects stage and furthermore as an standalone tool for revealing.

Versions and History

BusinessObjects was initially begun in 1990 with the tool name Skipper SQL 2.x, and in the year 1994 Business Objects v3.0 was launched.

In 2005, BO XI was delivered and later on various other versions introduced . A portion of the versions are −

  • BO XI R1
  • BO XI R2
  • BO XI R3
  • BO XI R3.1
  • BO XI R3.2

    In 2007, SAP gained this company for $6.8 billion and the item has been renamed as SAP BusinessObjects.

    Later in the year 2011, BO XI 4.0 was introduced. The most recent versions of the device is SAP BO 4.2.

    Web Intelligence Architecture

    SAP Webi has a three-layered architecture −
  • Database Layer − This layer defines different SAP and non-SAP information sources.
  • Semantic Layer − This layer defined multi-layered information model.
  • Presentation Layer − This layer defined where information is introduced to end-users.

    Different information sources can be utilized to make analytical and ad hoc reports. You can pull information from SAP frameworks, similar to SAP ECC, SAP ERP, SAP SRM, and other SAP modules.

    Non-SAP information sources incorporate Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Sybase.

    Dark Web Intelligence is used to proactively fight fraud and has proven to substantially reduce losses.

    what is web intelligence?Web intelligence is the area of scientific research and development that explores the roles and makes use of artificial intelligence and information technology.

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