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Lession - #1060 SAP Webi-Queries Using Universe

Using Universe for Building Queries

Universe contains information from OLAP and Relational information sources. Information in Universe can be a social information or hierarchical data.

Open Web Intelligence by means of BI Launchpad → New (Create another Webi archive>
. You will be incited to choose a Data Source.

Select a Universe as information source and click 'Ok'. You will get a list of all suitable Universe. Select a Universe, which you need to use to make a Webi record.

Another window will open with the name Query Panel. In the query panel, on the left side of the screen, you have a list of accessible items. You have Result Objects where you drag objects from the left panel, which you need to include a Webi report.

You have Query Filter utilizing which you can add various filters. Information Preview can be utilized to see information before it is added to Webi report. Run query tab at the highest point of the screen is utilized to run the query.

In the Query panel, you have a choice utilizing which you can add information from numerous sources in a solitary Webi report by making various queries.

To add a Query, go to Add query choice at the highest point of the screen. You can choose various information sources to add a subsequent query.

You can likewise alter the properties of Query, similar to the name of the query, number of records, and so on. 'View Script' choice permits you to actually take a look at the content of the query.

Following functions can be set using Query Properties −
  • Retrieving duplicate rows - Relational .unx, OLAP, but not available in BEx queries.
  • Returning sample result sets - Available in relational .unx, but not available in OLAP .unx or BEx queries.
  • Retrieving/excluding empty rows - Available in OLAP .unx only. Not available in BEx queries.

    For this case, you have a choice to independently run various queries. You can go to Run queries and select the query you need to run. You can likewise join queries utilizing the Query Panel.

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