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Lession - #1100 SAP Webi-Ranking Data

You can rank the unranked information from the data set in your report. Information base positioning permits you to rank the information at data set level so when you run an query, information returned by query is already ranked.

Database ranking is finished by altering the content created by query. In the event that your data set doesn't support ranking, then, at that point, the choice to make positioning won't feature in query panel.

Additionally note that Ranking can't be made on hierarchical information.

Creating Database Ranking

First add the items to Result Objects in Query panel. Select Add Ranking at the top of Query channel panel.

Select the ranking aspect and type - top, bottom, top %, and bottom %.

You can choose the quantity of records or % of records you believe the rank should return in the following box. Drag the ranking aspects, measures, to based-on box. You can likewise drag aspects to give a computation setting to Ranked by box. You can likewise add WHERE condition by dragging an aspect to the bottom of ranking.

Click Run Query

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