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Lession - #1121 SAP Webi-Sorts

Sorting can be applied in table on section, charts to coordinate the information in a particular request in a Webi report. Default sorting that is applied in a report is from passed on to correct request of items in Result object of Query Panel.

You have the following Sorting Orders −

Default − This is default order where data is sorted as −
  • Ascending numeric order for numeric data
  • Ascending chronological order on date
  • Chronological order for months
  • Alphabetical order for alphanumeric data
  • Ascending − In this, smallest value at the top to highest value at the bottom. Example − 1000, 2000, 3000, or Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai
  • Descending − In this, highest value at the top to smallest value at the bottom

    Custom − Using this, you can characterize your own sort request. Custom orders are accessible on dimensions and attributes and not on hierarchical, measures and level.

    How to Insert a Sort?

    To embed a sort, open report in Design mode. Select the Column you need to sort.

    Go to Analysis → Display → Sort → Ascending/Descending

    You can apply various sorts in a solitary table on various columns. You can utilize 'Eliminate All Sorts' choice to delete all the sorts.

    To deal with the Order of Sorts, go to Advance tab. You can define order for different kinds up and down arrows. You can define Custom Sorts here in the event that no other sort is applied.

    This can also be used to Add/Remove Sorts.

    web intelligence if statement

    desktop intelligence vs web intelligence:the main difference would be that deski is a desktop product, part of the bo client-server deployment, while webi is a web product, part of the bo web deployment. the functional difference varies with the bo version: in older versions webi has significant less functionality than deski, the difference diminishes in more recent versions.