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Lession - #1108 SAP Webi-Working With Reports

Web intelligence Report can contain hierarchical and non-hierarchical information as indicated by data source used to make the report. Various Hierarchical and non-hierarchical information works in various manner in the report. A non-hierarchical information contains no parent-child relationship. Hierarchical information contains parent-child connection among items and you can utilize them to dissect and explore information in a report.

Working with Non Hierarchical Data

Non-hierarchical information is characterized as information with no parent-child relationship. A basic illustration of non-hierarchical information is Dimension.

A non-hierarchical information can be analyzed utilizing different parameters like sorts, filters, and so on.

Model − Customer, Product

Working with Hierarchical Data

Hierarchical information is defined as information with Parent-child relationship and you can dissect the information at various levels of hierarchy.

Every one of the measures that are related with hierarchical information are accumulated according to protest level in hierarchy.

Organizing Data with Sections, Breaks, Sorts

You can utilize sections to isolate the data into more modest part for better analysis. Segment permits business managers to dissect the information in a more compelling way.

Example − You are an area manager in a multinational company and you have received Sales report showing total revenue for each city and quarter as shown in the following table for the year 2015 −

Presently if you have any desire to apply Section on Quarter column, you can analyze the Total Revenue in every city looked at based on Quarter.



Creating a Section from a Column

To make a section on a column, Select the information and column, right-click on the column and select set as Section.

Creating a Section from a Dimension

To make a part from a Dimension, Go to Report Elements → Section → Insert Section.

Removing or Hiding a Section

To delete a Section, right-click on the section Select → Delete.

Assuming you select 'Cell Only', it will erase 'Section Cell' just and in the event that you select 'Cell and Section', it will eliminate 'Section and Cell' both.

To Hide Sections − Select Section. Go to Report Elements → Behaviors → Hide to hide the section.

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