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Lession - #1035 Web Intelligence Sending Documents

Sending a Document via E-mail

Open the record in Webi Rich client → Click 'Send by email attachment'

You have a choice to choose the different attachment formats like PDF, XLS, CSV, Text, and/or unstable wid.

Sending Documents to Other Users

To send a record to different clients/groups, open the report by means of BI Launchpad. Click 'Send' on toolbar → Send to User.

Select the clients/groups to which you need to send the report to from the list of clients and groups. You can choose 'automatically generated' to send the document with an auto created name. Select the particular name and enter the name you need to send the report.

You can likewise choose "shortcut" to send an alternate way or "Copy" choice to send a copy of the report.

Sending Documents Using FTP

To send a report through ftp, login to BI Launchpad. You need to save the record first. Click 'Save' symbol at the top of the screen to save the document.

Click 'Mail' symbol in the tool bar → Select 'Send to Ftp'.

You need to enter the host name, port number, user name and password. Select the naming strategy for record to send. Click 'Send'.