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Lession - #1068 Zookeeper Advantages and Disadvatages

Following are the advantages of using ZooKeeper

  • Simple distributed coordination process
  • Synchronization - Mutual exclusion and cooperation between server processes. This process facilitates configuration management in Apache HBase.
  • orderly messages
  • Serialization - Encodes data according to specific rules. Make sure your application runs consistently. This approach can be used in MapReduce to coordinate queues to execute running threads.
  • reliability
  • Atomicity - Data transfers either succeed or fail completely, but no transaction is incomplete.
  • name service. ZooKeeper adds a unique identity to each node, much like DNA.
  • Update the state of the node.
  • Manage clusters.
  • Automatic error recovery.
  • Simple.
  • reliability.
  • order.
  • speed.

    Following are the Disadvantages of using ZooKeeper

  • Adding New ZooKeeper Servers Can Lead to Data Loss In existing server, Data Loss happens when the quantity of new ZooKeeper servers surpasses the number which as of now exists in the ZooKeeper administration. Simultaneously, the Start order is given to the ZooKeeper administration, and the new servers can shape a majority.
  • No Migration Without client mediation, the ZooKeeper server can't be moved from adaptation 3.4 to 3.3, then back to 3.4.
  • Hub Count Ensure that main 3 or 5 ZooKeeper hubs are permitted.
  • Rack-Aware Replication As of now, it doesn't upholds Rack arrangement and mindfulness.
  • Scaling In The help doesn't uphold lessening the quantity of units, to forestall unplanned information misfortune.
  • Circle Changes Likewise, the assistance doesn't uphold changing volume prerequisites after beginning arrangement, to keep unplanned information misfortune from redistribution
  • Virtual Networks One more loss is the service may not be switched to host networking without a full re-installation when the service is deployed on a virtual network. In addition, for attempting to switch from host to virtual networking their is the same case.
  • Kerberos On virtual networks, it does not support enabling Kerberos, currently.
  • Limited Support There is such limited support for cross-cluster scenarios. However, no CP system will support cross-cluster all the way. Though we can say consul seems to do better at this.
  • Complex Moreover, we can say for the faint of heart, ZooKeeper is not right. Since it pretty heavy that’s why also it will require us to maintain a fairly large stack.