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Lession - #1088 Zookeeper Applications

a. Apache Solr
For leader election and centralized configuration, Apache Solr uses Zookeeper.

b. Apache Mesos
A tool that offers efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications, as a cluster manager is what we tend to decision Apache Mesos. hence for the fault-tolerant replicated master, Mesos uses ZooKeeper.

c. Yahoo!
As we tend to all apprehend ZooKeeper was originally designed at “Yahoo!”, therefore for many necessities like robustness, information transparency, centralized configuration, higher performance, likewise as coordination, they designed Zookeeper.

d. Apache Hadoop
As we all know behind the expansion of massive information industry, Apache Hadoop is that the drive. So, for configuration management and coordination, Hadoop depends on ZooKeeper.

Multiple ZooKeeper servers endure giant Hadoop clusters, that’s why so as to retrieve and update synchronization data, every client machine communicates with one among the ZooKeeper servers.

Like: Human order Project, as there square measure terabytes of data in Human order Project, So, so as to investigate the dataset and find fascinating facts for human development, it uses Hadoop MapReduce framework.

e. Apache HBase
An open supply, distributed, NoSQL info that we tend to use for time period read/write access of enormous datasets is what we tend to decision Apache HBase. whereas it involves Zookeeper, installation of HBase distributed application depends on a running ZooKeeper cluster.

In addition, to trace the standing of distributed data throughout the master and region servers, Apache HBase uses ZooKeeper. currently use-cases of HBase are are

i. Telecom
One of them is that the medium business. because it stores billions of mobile decision records and any access them in real time. thence we are able to say it uses HBase to method all the records in real time, simply and expeditiously.

ii. Social network
Like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook receives Brobdingnagian volumes of knowledge on routine therefore to search out recent trends and alternative fascinating facts it conjointly uses HBase.

f. Apache Accumulo
Moreover, on prime of Apache ZooKeeper (and Apache Hadoop>
, another sorted distributed key/value store “Apache Accumulo” is made.

g. Neo4j
For write master choice and read slave coordination, No4j may be a distributed graph info that uses ZooKeeper.

h. Cloudera
Basically, for centralized configuration management, Cloudera search integrates search practicality with Hadoop by victimization ZooKeeper.